• Raycaster

    Retro Shooting

    A Raycaster game I still intend to finish.
    Not much to see, but more is coming!

  • Minesweeper


    It's Minesweeper but Javascript,
    little else to say about this one.

  • Brainfuck

    Code, but intentionally hard

    A brainfuck parser in Javascript,
    with a common Hello World example!

  • Lizard Maker

    Instant Lizards

    A character generator,
    for a game called 'Lizards vs Wizards'!

  • Ant World


    A small simple RTS game,
    but with bots so it plays itself!

  • NPM and Node-RED

    Open Source Goodies!

    A collection of my NPM packages,
    both for NodeJS and Node-RED!

  • Byte Paint

    Pixel Programming!

    Program with an image...
    ...to get another image!

    Try! Download!
    Examples! Browse!
  • Edge detection

    Colored lines!

    Put in an image,
    receive another image.

    ...but with pretty lines!

    Try! Linky!
  • Battlesnake

    Eat gems, become long!

    An old idea of mine, originally
    made in Gamemaker.

    Now done again, in my own
    Javascript framework!

    Play! Linky!
  • Bitcoin Clicker

    Mine bitcoin, crash the economy!

    Created for the Global Game Jam 2018!
    Mine Bitcoins, become rich, ruin the planet!

    Get it! Linky!
    Original Global Game Jam page! GGJ!
  • Goblin Gearshop

    Make weapons, win the war!

    Created for the Game Design and Development minor.
    Gather your friends, and craft weapons together!

    Get it on Steam
  • Image Replicator

    Can /g/ program?

    Found a small challenge online,
    figured I'd give it a go!

    Try! Linky!
    Git! Linky!

  • Road Pathing

    Another pathfinding thing!

    For quite a while, I've wanted to make a test project
    where multiple cars drive over roads.
    Now I have!

    Watch! Youtube!

  • FlaminGO!

    Move on the beat!

    Move the pink Flamingo over colorful landscapes
    by tapping and swiping on the beat!
    Created for the Game Development and Design minor.

    Get it on Google Play
  • Elite Dangerous Log

    CMDR Timfa's Space Adventure!

    My adventures in Elite Dangerous!
    Displayed in a basic webcomic-system I made in PHP.

    Read! Linky!

  • Evolution Simuator Addition

    Small addition to open-source code!

    I found a flaw in the code of an evolution simulator,

    Created in Java/Processing!
    I noticed some behaviour in generated
    creatures, and came up with a way to improve it.

    Github page! Linky!
    Download Build! Linky!

  • Neural Network Library

    Robot brains!

    A small basic library for simple Neural Networks!

    Created in C#!
    Originally made to learn more about how
    Neural Networks work,
    but as I tried more it expanded until
    I figured I'd just build it into a DLL.

    Gitlab page! Linky!

  • Image Clustering Windows!

    k-means clustering again!

    k-means clustering applied on images!

    Created in C#!
    This one is multithreaded,
    so it can handle big images too!

    Test it! Linky!

  • Image Clustering!

    k-means clustering

    k-means clustering applied on images!

    Created in php!
    It's single-threaded though, so don't expect it to be able to do any larger images.

    Test it! Linky!

  • Coolgames

    Stuff I've worked on in my internship in 2016/2017

    Bubble Academy

    Pacman Mahjong (JP only)

    Combo Crusaders

    Coolgames -> Linky!

  • Trump Tower Defense

    Global Game Jam 2017

    A tower defense game created for the Global Game Jam 2017!

    Built on my own JavaScript Game Framework.
    Defend America from illegal immigrants
    by strapping guns on the Trump Tower before they destroy it!
    Still a work-in-progress!

    Play! Linky!

  • Javascript GameEngine v2

    Make games for web!

    Improvement of my simple javascript game framework.

    Added canvas, reworked the renderer and image loading.
    All sorts of new goodies!

    Still a work-in-progress, so a lot of things could improve or change!

    Play and download an example here! Linky!
    Documentation: Linky!

  • Async Javascript Stuff

    More things!

    Made a simple proof-of-concept for async JS functions!

    To use, just include "async.js".

    Get it: Files?

    Try it: Test!

  • Suicide Vest

    Duck Game Mod

    First published Duck Game mod ever!

    Not sure how this'll win you a match, but whatever.

    Get it: Boom?

  • Thorium Reactor

    Space Engineers Mod

    Get rid of all that gravel!

    Convert Gravel to Thorium, and dump it in one of these.

    Get it: Power!

  • Bowling!

    Roll your way to the top

    A simple bowling game where you compete with AI's!

    Primarily an exercise to attempt to create an accurate scoring algorithm.

    Bowl: Strike?

  • D&D Compact Sheet

    Auto Calculating!

    A compact version of the default 5E sheet.

    Also automatically calculates your level, stats, etc!
    No space designated as inventory though,
    but for that you can use
    my inventory tracker!

    Stuff: doot

  • D&D Character Tracker

    Less paper!

    Simple spell & inventory tracker.

    Store your items and spells here so
    you don't have to write stuff on paper.

    Stuff: bloop

  • Super Hero Sparky!

    Prototype for an elementary school

    A project created for an elementary school.

    Play a series of minigames as Sparky the Superdog.
    Has 3 levels, each with 5 minigames.
    Note: Game is entirely in Dutch!

    Download: Linky!

  • Bees!

    Monogame Test

    A simple test in Monogame!

    Wanted to play around in Monogame for a bit,
    so I made something small with bees that
    collect nectar and make honey!

    Download: Linky!

  • Javascript GameEngine

    Make games for web!

    Decided to make a simple javascript game engine!
    Not because it would be better than others,
    but basically just because I wanted to see if
    I could do it.

    Still a work-in-progress, but I'm continuing on a newer version as separate project.
    This version will no longer change from this point.

    Play and download an example here! Linky!
    Documentation: Linky!

  • Pocket Knight

    Fight stuff!

    Fight trough dungeons!

    A simple dungeon-crawling game
    with some inspiration from roguelike

    En garde! (WIP!) Linky!

  • Tim Text


    I invented my own text!

    You can type sentences,
    and copy the image into your clipboard.

    Translate stuff! Linky!

  • Fighter Factory


    Build a plane, then shoot at other planes!
    Construct a fighter-jet out of 1m³ parts.
    You can play Arcade missions and Survival!
    Survival also includes custom enemies!

    Work in progress!

    Download! Linky!

  • Tiny Garden

    Floating Farm!

    Plant flowers! Harvest flowers! Profit!
    Build a small floating farm in your own dimension.
    Plant stuff, water it and sell it for profit!
    Expand your land, get animals! (Don't forget to feed!)

    Work in progress!

    Play! Webplayer

  • SolarSupremacy

    Pew pew pew!

    Conquer the Solar System!
    Send space fighters from planet to planet in your
    quest of total domination!
    Battle with up to 20 players in randomly generated
    solar systems,
    and fight until only your ships are left.

    Get it on Google Play
  • RoboSumo

    Legless Boxing!

    RoboSumo is a physics-based boxing game
    inspired from the old Rock'em Sock'em games.

    The goal is to knock your opponent over,
    touching the ground with anything but your arms
    results in disqualification.

    Get it on Google Play

  • Pathfinder

    You can never hide

    A pathfinding script I made for a game
    I never actually finished.

    Polished it up a bit, and now I can use it in almost any Unity project
    Left and right mouse buttons to control!
    Get it yourself: Asset Store

    Play! Webplayer

  • Codeglue

    Stuff I've worked on in my internship in 2013

    Rocket Riot IOS

    Terraria Mobile


    Codeglue -> Linky!

  • Infinicube Test

    Infinite descent!

    Wander around in an endless building of square
    rooms. Search for bullets, guns, shields and

    You're infected with a virus, and every door could
    hide an enemy. Collect antidote to expand your
    lifespan, and keep descending. But remember, the
    further you go, the stronger they get!

    Shoot robots! Download Win/OSX

  • Time Travel test

    In-Game ctrl-z!

    I made a generic class that automatically records changes,
    and can be reversed!

    There's also a bubbly floor. No reason not to try!

    Time warp! Webplayer

  • Milky Highway

    Drive infinite!

    An android game me and Lucia are working on.
    I do the code, she does the art.
    (the current art is placeholder stuff though).
    Arrow keys to drive!

    Lucia's website is here: linky

    Vroom! Webplayer

  • My Assets

    My assets for Unity3d!

    Here you can find my assets in the Unity Asset Store.

    I'll be publishing useful stuffs here,
    for others to use!

    Open asset store! Linky!

  • Multiplayer Game


    That's the name, yes. Original, no?

    My first ever multiplayer test.
    You control a space fighter, and blow up other players.
    (And there are tiny AI trucks too!)

    Play! MultiplayerGame


    Nintendo Ds Game

    School assignment for a NDS game. Does that make it
    less interesting? I think not!
    The idea is simple, but the result is revolutionary*!
    Pick a country to find an opponent in (Which is really
    just an AI), and battle him in an awesome game of

    *Not actually revolutionary.
    (You'll need an NDS flash-card of emulator to play!)


  • Tower Defence TNL

    It's aliens again!

    A tower defense game I made in Game Maker.

    The earth is under attack by aliens, and it's up to you
    to prevent us all from getting killed. Build cannons on
    the towers next to a city, and shoot them all down!